Judy BruceHello, family, friends, and strangers.

This is Judy Bruce breaking out of her non-techy shell. Yeah, Hey Joood is a play on the Beatles song, but it mostly originates from my dad yelling “Jooooooood!” from the upper bleachers during my high school basketball games, many moons ago.

I am the mother of two, the wife of one, the sibling of three (formerly four, see my Janet post); and I was orphaned at age thirty-three. Subordinate to the above roles, I am a writer.

Now that you’ve read this far, I’ll give you more important information. For instance, my favorite after 9:00 p.m. drink is brandy, especially with dark chocolate. I love reading, watching movies and sports, and just spending time with my family. Whenever possible, I avoid multitasking–it’s just the means of doing two or more things badly. I’m half Phoenician. I have a law degree from Creighton University. My daughter thinks I’m both silly and efficient. My autistic son helps me stay in touch with my quirky side (see my Danny post).

You should also know that I’d rather hike in the mountains than walk on a beach. I’ve been in Cold War Russia. It was cold. I’d rather shovel than use a snow blower (they’re loud and stinky, I try not to be), but I’m conceding the necessity of the machine. I’m sure others in the American Midwest would sympathize.

And a special thank you to my foreign readers who must tolerate English–the galaxy’s most difficult language. I’ve discovered that keyboards may differ–so symbols and letters sometimes get mixed up. Special thanks to my loyal readers in the UK, Poland, Israel, and Iran. I wish you all happiness and good health.

Please forgive my lapses in diligent postings–it means I’m hard at work on a novel. I thank you for your patience. Feel free to share this blog site address with your social network.

I am no longer allowing excerpts to be copied from this site due to excessive abuse of the privilege. The blog site address may be shared. But don’t even bother asking–I will not give permission to anyone to copy any portion of any blog post. Thank you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings. Also, thank you for your kind comments. Allow me to answer a few common questions. No, I have not established an e-mail subscription, a Twitter account, or a newsletter–at this time. This is a blog site and a WordPress theme. I’m sorry, but I know we sometimes have browser incompatibility issues (it’s interesting that everyone assumes the problem is on my end).

Thank you for the kind offers, but I write my own posts and never use guest bloggers. I don’t have the time to guest write on another’s blog. And no, my blog is not for sale, nor will I allow anyone to advertise on this site. I do not receive payment for anything I write. Questions pertaining to the above topics tell me that you did not take the time to read this About page. The consequence is a deletion by my spam-blocker. Self-promotion comments also disappear. I delete all comments that include advertising or self-referrals. I write all the material on this blog. Yes, I know people copy my site without giving me credit. No, I don’t think spammers have souls.

Best wishes to my readers. -Judy

©Judy Bruce and Hey Joood, 2023. Duplication of this site’s material is strictly prohibited. Photos may not be copied.

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